Words Have Power: Why Copywriting Matters for Your Business?

  • Sep 13, 2023

When you hear the word “copywriting” what do you think of? For many, they think this term relates to legal jargon and intellectual property – that’s not the case at all. Copywriting is different from copyright. It’s the art of piecing together words that tell your brand’s story. 

It doesn’t matter if you are the marketing director at a medium-size company or just launching a website for your new business, copywriting is one of the most important marketing tools to use to be noticed among millions of other options. 

From blogging to words on your landing page, here is a rundown of what you can do to boost traffic to your site and stand out among the crowd. 

Search Engine Optimizing is Key 

We are all inundated with content every single day. There are advertising, blogs, television commercials, and the list goes on and on. When you manage a website, it’s critical to post relevant copy on your site so the search engines’ algorithm ranks your content higher. 

When it comes to search engines, like Google or Yahoo, the algorithm is based on concise, detailed copy that helps searchers find what they are looking for. Plus, the more keywords you incorporate into your site’s copy and blog, the better!

For example, let’s say you own a family photography studio. When optimizing your business’ website, you don’t want to use generic keywords like “family photographer” or “photographer.” There are millions of photographers out there! It’s best to be more detailed. If you live in Nashville, use “Nashville family photographer”. Or, you can even go a step further and add in a region, like “Northwest Nashville family photographer”. 

By using hyper-specific keywords and targeting your niche with them, you’ll see a boost in traffic to your site.  

Focus on Headlines

How many times have you skimmed through social media and had a headline catch your eye? Those headlines have been carefully crafted to peak interest, urging readers to click on the link to learn more. 

In regard to your blog posts, a well-crafted headline is the most important part. Why pour in hours of writing time, only to have two people click and read your post? The headline is the first impression and, ultimately, what entices people to click on your blog post to read on. 

A rule of thumb when typing up headlines is to make sure they are clear, concise, and relatable. If you write a post about booting social media engagement, your headline can read “5 Tips on What it Takes to Increase Engagement on Instagram.” You can also pose a question such as “How to Increase Social Media Engagement and Generate Leads?” At the end of the day, questions and numbers stand out to readers!

Take the time to hone in on what your article is about and create a headline that pulls in your audience! 

Valuable Content Only 

This should be obvious, but the content you publish on your site matters. Don’t post words on your site just because you’re trying to fill up blank space. Instead, take time to think about what you’re saying; make it intentional!

Not only will your valuable, useful content help you rank higher in search engines, but it will funnel people to your site and even your social media platforms. When writing your copy, consider your audience. By understanding your target audience, you can create compelling copy that reflects their needs. 

Another piece of advice? Spend time at the end of each month planning out your content schedule. Draft up your blog post topics and social media captions. By having a clear idea of what to write for each month, you’ll feel prepared and confident in what you produce. 

Copywriting can be daunting at first, but with a little practice, it can be a piece of cake! Share with others what makes your brand so special. Use relatable language that draws customers in. Post valuable content that is beneficial to the reader. Once you start to implement these tips, you’ll see your website visits skyrocket.  


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